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GMA will allow hotel’s to get their application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Why GMA?

In today’s digital world, everyone can connect to the internet from their mobile phone. To reach the maximum number of people, the guest mobile app can help a lot. With the Guest Mobile App you can easily make your Android and Ios App. The Guest Mobile App can provide hotels with a new way of communicating with their guests and provide long-term loyalty. This allows you to significantly increase the hotel’s revenue by offering customers new opportunities and campaigns.


Customizable Menu

You can design the menus and screens of your application according to your own hotel and choose from ready-made modules. In a completely dynamic structure, you can personalize your designs and icons and find the features you want in our rich scale. GMA develops the module you want for the features you can not find in the structure and offers you as soon as possible.



    • You can manage your application from the administration panel screen and updated instantly.
    • Makes your corporate identity and brand reputable
    • Promote of your guests to make use of and spend on hotel facilities.
    • Allows your customers to act according to the business plan you specify.
    • You can send instant notifications to your customers. You can inform about events, campaigns and many other issues.
    • Creates a new network with your guests and allows you to provide systematic service to your customers
    • You can arrange all departments, services within the hotel and your own business. Your guests can send their requests from the mobile application and requests can be automatically forwarded to the authorized department manager.
    • The hotel manager can monitor the performance of requests, disruptions and employee performance.
    • You can survey your guests and analyze their feedback
    • Be informed of events, campaigns and notifications.
    • Guests can request services with the app at any time.
    • The guest can access the location information he needs by reviewing the hotel on the map.
    • Guests can follow events on the calendar.
    • Guests can list hotel parts such as restaurants, bars, and purchase services and products. Can be informed about the department in many subjects such as closing time.
    • With the support of language each customer will have information about the hotel.



    Wheel of fortune game allows you to offer surprise gifts and discounts.

    Demand Managment Systems​

    Manages your guest requests and the workflow of your employees.



    Manages the reservations of your in-house restaurants.



    You can easily edit your corporate designs.


    Application Management Panel

    With the Guest Mobile App administration panel, you can control many features of your application. You can create a general notification to your guests, create a new information page, update your gallery, use a lot of features such as adding a new event to the event calendar.


    Survey Reports

    Thanks to survey reports, customers can easily get information about their positive and negative opinions about the hotel.


    Employee Reports

    Hotel managers can list the job performances of the staff with detailed analysis.


    Demand Display

    Hotel authorities can add service departments to the system and receive service requests from this department from mobile application.



    In-App Award Winning Game

    According to the awards and assignments to be determined by the hotel managers, they can make the customers perform the tasks and give special prizes. This allows the customer to use the application even when he leaves the hotel .



    Special events, concerts, competitions to be held on certain dates at the hotel as a section where they can show details to customers.


    Daily Activity

    It is an area where guests can communicate daily activities to the customers with their details.



    It lists the restaurants that are open for reservation and provides customers instant booking. You can also complete the reservation by selecting the desired food and drinks on the reservation. In this way, restaurant employees can list the customer’s future hours and menus and complete the process without any surprises.



    The list of restaurants within the hotel, working days, working hours, such as information can convey to customers.


    Job Tracking System

    ​A service request created by the customer at the hotel is automatically notified to the hotel staff . When the hotel attendant meets and signs the request through the system, an evaluation notification is sent to the customer and he / she can evaluate the hotel officer.


    Mini Club

    Your guests can place food and beverage orders and the department of interest will be able to follow the necessary orders.



    Your guests can place food and beverage orders and the Department of interest will be able to follow the necessary orders.



    TV Channels

    It is the area where the channels, numbers and program contents of the hotel can be communicated to their customers.


    Gallery Page

    Gallery page is a type of page where they can show the hotel images to the users in an animated way.


    Story Screens

    In the Stories section, the hotel can instantly transmit special sections such as special campaigns, news, announcements and basic information to the customers, and at the same time set up referrals to the page details from the stories screen.



    This is the type of page where customers can get directions and view the hotel on the map.



    It is a type of page where we can show the room types and features that are in the hotel to their customers with visual and written


    Custom Page

    You can create custom pages within the application and edit them with the html editor interface.


    Hotel Info Page

    This is the type of page where information such as location, basic information, telephone numbers are found about the hotel.



    With instant notifications you can send short info notes to your guests phones.


    Intoduction Info

    This is a type of page where hotel staff can create their own information pages without being bound to the fixed information page.



    Multi Language Support

    The application supports 4 languages.



    At the hotel, customers can be provided with a questionnaire at any time or at any time . In this way, information can be easily received from customers.


    Service Request

    A service request created by the customer at the hotel is automatically notified to the hotel staff. When the hotel attendant meets and signs the request through the system, the customer receives an evaluation notification and can evaluate the hotel attendant.



    This is the area within the application where customers can send messages directly to the managers. The customer can receive instant responses and receive an interactive service.


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